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Top-of-the-line video surveillance systems

Secure your commercial space or business with our first-rate video surveillance systems. These systems will help you safeguard your space from burglary, theft, false liabilities, and more. Trust us to install a video surveillance and DVR recording system at your commercial property.


At Stroud Security, you also have the option of coupling your surveillance system with motion detection and alarms. Contact us for FREE estimates.

Residential video surveillance systems

We can install surveillance systems at any residence. As an added convenience, these surveillance systems can be accessed through your smartphone too!

Complete security services

We are well known for our security systems, smoke detectors, medical alerts, and 24-hour UL monitoring. We’re a local, family-owned and operated business in the area. Get in touch with us today.

Get DVR recording system installed so that you can always go back and review your video surveillance recordings.

Take advantage of our 1-year warranty and guarantee on video surveillance system installation services. For details, give us a call at


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